MyNet is an exclusive Business Relationship Network.

“At MyNet, we believe that a Business Relationship Network should focus on business first. Unlike social or other online “professional” networks, MyNet is designed to optimize the business experience by exclusively connecting our members to conduct business using our powerful platform. MyNet members have the ability to selectively choose their business connections and associations.”


MyNet connections are formed through savvy technology.

“MyNet uses a premier digital platform to create business opportunities. MyNet provides its members with great value and increased earning opportunity by using the power of preferred referral networking. MyNet links thousands of businesses, customers, jobseekers and suppliers to conduct business on their own terms and conditions.”


MyNet is the future of how we do business on the go.

“The power of personal networking is the future of business. MyNet offers the opportunity for our members to increase their business with clients and via referral; for customers to find the right business at the right price; for jobseekers to work with our businesses; for suppliers to support our businesses with great value.”


Step 1

“Complete the application”
All MyNet businesses are screened to ensure quality service to MyNet customers. In most cases, appropriate licenses and certifications (where necessary) are confirmed. If you have a webpage link or referrals, include them.

Step 2

“Submit the application and receive a response”
Applications are reviewed and responded to within 72 hours in most cases. When the response is sent, payment is requested. Upon payment, the member will receive an account, password and operating procedures.


“Commence “growth” operation”
Once a member, the business can start experiencing the power of digital networking, seek and apply for jobs for customers, network with other members, seek and hire jobseekers and take advantage of our supplier offerings.